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Low-tech Solutions?

In a world more and more enamored with technology and high-tech solutions to difficult problems, the unintended consequences of technology are becoming more evident.  It’s not just the cost and the fact that high-tech solutions are usually only accessible to … Continue reading

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Where’s the Plan?

I was at a luncheon the other day in the City of London to listen to a talk by one of the UK’s MEPs (Member of the European Parliament). As you recall, the European Union, also known as the “grand … Continue reading

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From My Daughter . . .

My 11-year old daughter sensed that I was struggling with work issues (and a few life issues as well) and before she went to bed the other night she taped this note onto the screen of my computer.  I thought … Continue reading

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Rethinking Leadership . . . “Kip” van Winkle

Imagine this modern twist on the old story of Rip van Winkle. The very weird day of “Kip” van Winkle, senior executive It took Kip most of breakfast to fully wake up.  After all, 50 years asleep is a rather … Continue reading

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Cost Creep

Every CFO knows about “cost creep”; the slow build up over time in the cost/revenue ratio.   And try as they might to bring it to the attention of the CEO and the senior team, the replies are always the same:  … Continue reading

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Instant Culture Change?

A few years ago we were about to develop a performance improvement process for a company in Florida.  The CEO was fully engaged and ready to lead the process.  The need was definitely evident:  information was not flowing between departments, … Continue reading

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The CEO’s Lament: Execution – Execution – Execution!

Most CEOs I have met with over the past 35 years have a pretty clear vision for their organization.  I suppose it is part of the DNA of a good CEO, they just know where the company should go, how … Continue reading

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