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Death by a Thousand Cuts

As some of you know, one of my other “jobs” besides business consulting and advisory on strategy execution, leadership and corporate culture, is writing thriller novels.  And there is plenty of inspiration to be found for a fast paced thriller … Continue reading

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It’s time for The American Fixit Party

It’s time someone formed The American Fixit Party and set down the decisions required to put this country on the right track. Instead of worrying about Palestinian statehood, gay marriage or spending $100M on capturing an asteroid, let’s fix the … Continue reading

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The Courage to Take a Stand . . .

Here’s a courageous act of leadership that could begin to make a real difference in the out-of-control “gun culture” in the US, where children in schools are being gunned down with military grade weapons. What if the Chairman from one … Continue reading

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Congress on Vacation? . . .

Leaders lead!  -Seth Godin For over 25 years I was CEO of a business, a role I took very seriously, especially since as a co-founder I helped build the business, hired most of the people and felt an obligation to them to … Continue reading

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