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Corporate Culture and False Assumptions

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.  ~Henry Ford One of my greatest insights about culture change came early in my career from an assignment with AVCO Everett Research Labs. Basically this was a defence technology … Continue reading

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A Life Lesson . . . in Leadership

Walter Brennan, three-time Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor, stared in a 32 episode TV series, The Tycoon, between 1964-1965.  The very first episode was entitled “Horatio Alger Again”, and I remember watching it with amazement, because that one episode … Continue reading

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My Heroes . . .

Early in life all of us have had heroes; people, living and past, real or larger than life characters from novels or comic books. They inspired us.  They provided us with role models of courage, compassion, resourcefulness, grit. Their actions … Continue reading

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Would your HR Department Hire Michael Jordan?

If I were running a company today, I would have one priority above all others: to acquire as many of the best people as I could. I’d put off everything else to fill my bus. Because things are going to … Continue reading

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