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The Rights and RESPONSIBILITIES of Corporate Leadership

  I recently read what to me was a very disturbing article published in the INSEAD online magazine, KNOWLEDGE.  Normally I enjoy reading their articles as INSEAD has some very fine business academics and some well thought through research findings. … Continue reading

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Oh Captain, My Captain! Why are you abandoning ship?

A couple of years ago I wrote this post about the responsibilities of leadership, but in light of the recent Wells Fargo bank scandal and other examples of unaccountability, I feel compelled to republish it again. “On the sea there … Continue reading

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Aviate, Navigate, Communicate . . .

Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.    ~Eddie Rickenbacker Three verbs are drilled into the head of every Navy pilot during flight training; three little words that continually save lives. Aviate, Navigate, … Continue reading

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