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The Best Investment . . .

My father began his career as a teacher, then became a Principal (Head Master) and later the Superintendent of Schools for a county in California.  He was an educator all his life and believed in education.  But he was definitely … Continue reading

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How to Practice . . .

As a kid, I used to think practice was, well . . . practice.  I played the clarinet in our high school orchestra (first clarinet mind you!) and in between homework, football practice, baseball practice and swimming, I would eek … Continue reading

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More Performance Platforms

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.  ~Yogi Berra As you probably know from my previous blogs, my daughter plays the violin and with learning any instrument or perfecting any skill comes practice. … Continue reading

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Hard work, Disappointment and Learning Life Lessons

Life is a harsh teacher, it gives the test first and the lesson afterwards. Every once in a while I mention my 12-year-old daughter in my blogs.  (You can check out some earlier ones here, here and here.)  As we … Continue reading

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